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Orkla Foods Sweden is the market leader within several product categories on the Swedish market, but we also have a long and strong tradition when it comes to exporting our great products.

Many of our brands are over 100 years old, and one of our brands – Abba – is soon approaching its 200th anniversary. One of the reasons we have succeeded so well for so long, is because of the ability to constantly evolve and reinvent our products, and ourselves for that matter. This has led to many of our products finding a special place in the hearts of many swedes.

Even on the international markets, people have become aware of Orkla Foods Sweden’s product portfolio. Our lingonberry jam has been around for decades in the US, and it is nowadays number one on the American market. However, today you will find a formidable mix of our products in many different places around the world. How about princess cakes from Frödinge in Germany, Kalles Kaviar in Spain, Felix pickled gherkins in the UK and dressings in Japan – to name a few.

Behind the international business is a hard-working team that daily works to spread the word about our tasty assortment. We are so happy and proud of our products that we want to share them with you and the rest of the world.

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International brands

At Orkla Foods Sweden you will find products and brands that basically every swede has some sort of relationship with or memory connected to. We offer all of our products to all markets, but below you will find some extended information about some our most popular brands abroad.


The history of Felix takes us back to the countryside of southern Sweden in the early 1870’s. In Eslöv, a small factory had begun producing vinegar, so that families and households in the region could make pickling mixtures of their homegrown cucumbers and beetroots.

It was also to Eslöv that Herbert Felix, the man behind the brand, arrived in the late 1930’s. A young entrepreneur from Czechoslovakia, with a passion for cucumbers and preserves, and a vision to create himself a future within the food industry. In 1939, he teamed up with the vinegar factory, and together they started a journey that would result in one of Sweden’s strongest brands.

The foundation of Felix has always been the love of locally produced food and a desire to simplify the everyday life. By working together with the local farmers, in the early 1950’s, Felix became the largest producer of pickled gherkins in Europe. Since then, the brand of Felix has expanded a great deal and through the years, it has included products such as ice cream, soup, pickled vegetables, ready-meals, porridge, French fries and many more.

The most famous ones on the Swedish market are probably the meatballs and the ketchup. Swedes are one of the world’s biggest consumers of ketchup and Felix has a market share in Sweden that is almost double the size of its closest competitor.

Felix is quite popular outside of Sweden as well and a large amount of instant mashed potatoes is exported to Germany every year. Moreover, did you know that Felix is the top seller when it comes to lingonberry jam in the USA?

Please visit our website for Felix jams on the international markets.


The name Abba became a registered trademark in 1906, but the company was founded already in 1838. Since the company has been around for almost 180 years, we have had plenty of time to gather lots of experience and knowledge that is reflected in the great tasting products that we see on many Swede’s tables today.

Since January 1, 2014, Abba is part of Orkla Foods Sweden, one of Scandinavia’s largest companies in the food industry. Although, the brand Abba is still a guarantee of quality and offers a sea of possibilities for all those who want to cook, eat and enjoy more seafood in their lives.

The range of Abba products includes everything from fish quenelles and tuna to soups, caviars and ready-made sauces. And of course herring, herring and herring in all shapes and flavors. The Swedes do love their herring, and our ambition is that anyone who wants to follow the recommendation of eating fish three times a week should be able to do this without any hassle.

We export our beloved seafood products to many places around the world, but almost all of our manufacturing is done in Kungshamn, where we have the magnificent archipelago of the Swedish West Coast just outside our window. We truly hope and believe that some of these feelings and the environment is reflected in the taste of our products.

Good quality is everything

Quality is obviously an important cornerstone in our work and we believe that this is an absolute necessity for the products to acquire that superb flavor. Therefore, we choose our ingredients with great concern for the environment and the lives of the animals, and we also have several quality checks along the way and our work is done with full traceability.


Anamma was bought by Orkla Foods Sweden in 2015. The brand has grown strongly among consumers who want to eat less meat or abstain from animal ingredients. The products are manufactured in the southern part of Sweden.

We strongly believe that vegan food should taste good! Whether you are a hardcore vegan or not, you can count on that we will do our utmost to exceed all of your expectations in terms of taste and texture of our products. This means that we make juicy, tasty food that keeps your stomach full and happy for a long time.

Cooking should be fun and easy. Therefore, we have seasoned and prepared the food for you, so all you have to do is follow the simple instructions printed on the packaging.

Our products, under the brand of Anamma, are meant to replace the meat on your plate. This means that you can replace most meats in your everyday dishes with one of our excellent vegan products.


The nutritionist Fredrik Paulún first launched the Paulúns brand in 2004. His ambition was, and still is, to help people eat and feel better.

Fredrik Paulún’s ambitions are well in line with Orkla Foods Sweden’s views regarding wellness and healthy food. Since 2010, Orkla Foods Sweden has been responsible for the production and marketing of all foods and beverages within the Paulúns brand.

Striving to create a strong and healthy brand with great, healthy and nutritious raw materials.
We want to offer people an easy way to eat good, tasty and well-balanced meals throughout the day. Paulúns is a natural part of Orkla Foods Sweden’s focus on the development of healthy products and the establishment of one of Sweden’s strongest brands within the healthy foods market.

The foods and beverages from Paulúns have been a great success on the Swedish market so far, it is now growing fast in Finland and we are working hard to launch it in the USA as well. The main reason for the success is probably that people have realized that these products are both healthy and tasty. Therefore, we are now aiming to make this a global success story.


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